Portraits of American Veterans Project

 Artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Copyright © 2016 Jeanine Hill-Soldner    All Rights Reserved


     The mission of the Portraits of American Veterans Project is to represent veterans who have served in the US Military during foreign conflicts at home and abroad, chronicling their stories.  Many of the men and women’s lives have been defined or shaped by war. Through the PAVP Jeanine Hill-Soldner has brought into being new works about war that speak to the veterans, and the viewers of the humanity of the warrior and the role of the “citizen soldiers” in our families and communities.  The process has proven to be healing for everyone touched by the veterans, their stories and their portraits.

    The paintings and stories represent a broad spectrum of US citizens via a powerful and well defined visual archive. Through collaborations with the Veterans Artist and community the PAVP thus becomes a self contained traveling exhibition.  This will consist of a minimum of twenty 30" x 40" oil on canvas portraits with personal stories about each veteran.  The traveling exhibit will reach communities across the US including those whose access to original art may be limited. I will present Artist Talks and lectures during the course of the exhibitions and create new opportunities for the public to engage in art making activities related to the exhibit thus creating new communities where art is the catalyst for understanding, healing and change. 


 A project of this scope would not be possible without a team of individuals. The artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner the veterans with their families and communities have all contributed to this groundbreaking project.  These early years were in the formative stages of with creation the paintings and telling of the stories,  Now the future looks bright as Jeanine will take on the task of further developing the veterans. stories and biographies to bring forth each individual voice and experience of war and how it has effected their lives.  Much has been gained through the collaborative process revealing how the power of art, in it’s many forms, can transform communities and bring people together.  

The Portraits of American Veterans Project is created in collaboration with the Vet Art Project  founded by Lisa  Peacock, and the National Veterans Art Musuem.

 The Vet Art Project creates opportunities for veterans and their family members to work in collaboration with artists from all disciplines to create new art about war for public performance and viewing. The goals of the Vet Art Project are to support our veterans, create stronger voices among our veterans, provide new opportunities for artists, and offer a venue to hear the voices of our veterans and artists and foster discussions about how war affects us all.  The Vet Art Project is based on the belief that we must talk of war to think of peace, and an understanding that it is our veterans who will lead the way.

The future of our Armed Services and the future of our country will be integrally linked with how we take care of our veterans.— George Washington