Portraits of American Veterans Project

 Artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner

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                           How You Can Support the Portraits of American Veterans Project:

The Portraits of American Veterans project is a labor of love by a small group of people who are dedicated to remembering and recognizing veterans who have served our country across the years and wars.    We plan to publish a book with the portraits of the veterans and their stories and to package the collection as a traveling show for exhibition at museums, galleries, military museums and events.   Achieving those goals takes money beyond what we can individually support.   To date, this effort has been privately funded and no one involved has received any compensation for their efforts.

We need your help to take the next steps in the project to produce a full color catalogue and traveling exhibit.   You can support this effort  and show your appreciation to veterans in general, and the everyday heroes who are represented in the portraits by making a cash donation to the Portraits of American Veterans Project.    Your gift of $25,  $50,  $100, or more will help support the costs of publishing, promoting, packaging, and shipping the works around the country.  

                                                         Thank you!

Vietnam Veterans Bill Crist, Phillip Seyller and Michael Pearson