Portraits of American Veterans Project

 Artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Copyright © 2016 Jeanine Hill-Soldner    All Rights Reserved

Adam Navarro Lowery

US Army

Kosovo Conflict

De Yip G. Louie

US Army, WW II


Charles McHenry

US Navy, WW II, Korea


Matthew Ping

US Army


Virgil Mathis

US Army, Vietnam

  Sharon Sprenger

 Air Force & National Guard

 Philippine Conflict

The Artist’s Sister

Allen Jakes

US Army


Dana Mayer

US Air Force

Iraq, Afghanistan

Phillip Seyller

US Army, Vietnam


Lt. Col. Chris O’Neil

US Air Force

Operation Desert Storm,

Iraq, Afghanistan

Dick Hattan

US Army, Vietnam

Lillia Hodges

US Army

Germany, Cold War

Timothy Brien

US Air Force


Edgar Gonzalez Baeza

US Army,  Iraq

Al Weber

US Marine Corps

Vietnam Veteran

John D. Roach

US Navy, Vietnam

Bert Notheisen Army Air Corps, WW II (1923-2014) Anna Hauge US Navy, WW II

Bill Crist

US Army, Vietnam

Charles R. Soldner

US Marine Corps, Vietnam

The Artist’s Father-in-law

Patrick Sullivan Tanner

US Army, Korea

Bill Cullerton

Army Air Corps, WW II

(1925- 2013)

Kenneth Coats

US Army, Vietnam


Dan L. Hill

US Marine Corps

WW II, Korea, Vietnam

The Artists’ Dad