Portraits of American Veterans Project

 Artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Dan L. Hill

US Marine Corps

WWII, Korea Vietnam

(1949- 1993)  The  Artist’s Dad

Phillip J. Seyller

US Army


(1949- 2013)

Deyip G. Louie

United States Army, T5

World War II, Philippines, Korea


William J. Cullerton

 US Army Air Corps,   

 Flying Ace, WW II


Kenneth J. Coats

US Army, Infantry, Vietnam

(1947- 2012)

   Charles S. McHenry

United States Navy,

Petty Officer 2nd Class, Submarine
World War II , Korean War


Bert Notheisen
United States Army Air Corps, Fighter Pilot

World War II,  460th Bomber Group

 (1923- 2014)

Honoring and Remembering

Six  veterans that I have come to know passed away since their portraits where painted.  I am deeply saddened, yet  eternally grateful that I witnessed their stories and had

the honor of telling their stories in portraits.